“What a great cause to reach out for research and comfort for families in need and just to simply give back for those trying to do good! Never stop sharing Liam’s story!” Myranda Kelly

“This is a wonderful and worthy cause for everyone to get involved with.” Nicole Ann Meier

“I truly appreciate everything that Love4Liam has done over the years to raise funds for infant neurological research for CHOP! I truly believe they are promoting awareness regarding unexpected brain issues in newborns so no child or family fights alone. Such a great organization to be a part of.” Emmie Carter

“Love4Liam has great volunteers that truly care about the mission of the organization” Anonymous

“Highly recommend anyone supporting this organization by either volunteering and or donating as it is for a good cause” Zac Carter

“Wonderful organization, friendly board members and volunteers that are truly promoting a good cause” Janet Keeley

We would love to hear your experiences and stories about how Love4Liam has helped you, a family member and or the community to promote awareness for our cause!